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Accidently on Purpose
Tom's been acting really weird lately. He started acting like this after we played our song at a concert. ever since then, it's like been avoiding the time we put to the side to be together. Everytime I try to get near him, he gets all mad. If i did something to anger him, i would appreciate knowing what it is i did.
As his twin, i know when somethings wrong, and something is definitly wrong. I wanna help him.
i woke up on our day off alone in the hotel bed. Wondering where Tom went, i got up looking around and knocked on Georg and Gustav's room.
"What's up Bill?"
"Gustav have you seen Tom?"
"Yea he told us he was going for a drive, and said not to wake you that he'd be back in awhile"
I looked down.
"Bill are you okay?"
"yea i'm fine"
i turned to walk away but stopped.
"you wouldn't by chance know where he was going, would you?"
"he didn't say"
"thanks Gustav"
i went back to the room to get dressed. yea i went outside in my pj's. After getting dressed i went for a walk in the park tha
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Song Titles
Song Titles
The scene is a meeting…. Georg and Tom are gonna start…
Georg: Hey You
Tom: Hey Stephen
Georg: Should've Said No
Tom: That Day
Georg: Final Day
Tom: Breathe
Georg: Tell Me Why
Gustav's turn.
Gustav: The Best Day
Georg: Sacred
Gustav: Don't Jump
Georg: UGH!
Bill comes out.
Gustav: Instant Karma
Bill: A Perfectly Good Heart
Gustav: Tied Together with a Smile
Bill: Forever Now
Gustav: *laughs* I got nothing
Tom comes back.
Bill: Alien
Tom: Rescue Me
Bill: By Your Side
Tom: You Belong With Me
Bill: I'm Only Me When I'm With You
Tom: Stay Beautiful
Bill: Forever & Always
(Crowd goes "AwWwWwW" =3 )
Tom: Teardrops on My Guitar
Bill: Our Song
Tom: Scream
Bill: *blows raspberries at Tom*
Georg comes back.
Georg: Ready, Set, Go
Tom: Dogs Unleashed
Georg: Screamin'
Tom: Live Every Second
Georg: On the Edge
Tom: Fearless
Georg: Break Away
Tom: F***! (TOMI! The language) *Tom: my bad*
Gustav: Forgott
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2 Games
Magician Hoedown
Tom: I always wanted to be a magician all my life
I go around the house going "hey surprise!" scaring my brother's life
I want to go to Vegas, him I do annoy
I could be a sidekick for Siegfried and Roy
Bill: about magicians are really hard to do
It's to think of one verse, let alone even two
Let me tell you something that will give you a little laugh
*turns to Tom*
If you take my rhyme, I'm gonna saw your ass in half!
Georg: I am a great magician, I have this special hex
I can take a man, and make him change his sex
It really is quite wonderful, the best trick in the word
I just tickle Tom's bum and he scream like a girl
Gustav: Georg wants to be a magician and I think he should
The only problem is he's not very good
He really sucks; he's the worst in the land
His best trick is pouring hot coffee on his hand
Song Titles
They can only speak in song titles…..the scene is…."Road Trip"  The twins are gonna start…
Bill: Baby You Can Drive My Car
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Twincest...if this isn't your thing why are you even looking it up? O_O
Tom and Bill have been dating for a while. They've been accepted by their band mates and most fans. But lately Tom has been having second thoughts about this whole thing. Was he doing this because he really loved Bill that way. Or was he just doing this to keep his baby broter from getting hurt?
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Mature content
Change Ch4 :iconthgir:THGir 1 5
Change ch3
Tom and Bill pulled apart. and for the next five minutes they just sat there with smiles on their faces, staring at eachother.
"good god, you have a tounge ring"
"and you have a lip ring i never notced before"
"that was ... wow"
"amazing, for me anyways"
They spent the rest of the day together until Tom went home. When they got to school, they went to Tom's locker and who should be standing there, none other than Jacob.
"hey Tom, have fun yesterday?"
"what are you talking about Jacob?"
"don't give me that, i know you went back to Bill's house and had yourselves a little fun"
"were you following us?"
"i'm just trying to look out for you baby, come on, you know that's hot"
"oh dear god"
"back off"
"be easy Tom, i'm not gonna hurt the pretty flower, but you have any more fun with him, i'm gonna hurt you"
"don't worry Bill, he can't do any real damage"
The day went on, but as it did, Jacob wasn't making it easy for the boys. Calling them names left and right, and throwing things
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Change Ch2
Tom woke up the next morning, looked out the window and groaned. He got dressed, ate and left. Just as he locked the door, Bill walked by.
"hey Bill"
"what classes do you have today?"
"math, art, gym and history"
"Cool, we both have art today"
"that's about the only class i can stand"
"I know what you mean"
The day went by kinda fast, until Tom got to AP History. He was starting to fall asleep when he felt the vibration from his phone.
{hey Trumper}
{yea i got bored}
[how did you get my number?]
{i have my ways}
{don't get all paranoid, i'm not stalking you}
[why would ou wanna stalk me anyway?]
{i don't know, there's just something about you that...}
{i can't explain it, but your the only person in this entire school that doesn't annoy me}
[i'm touched Billa]
{don't get all mushy on me Trumper}
The bell had rung signaling it was the end of the school day. Tom was almost to his locker when he noticed a figure leaning on his locker. The figure was too built to
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Tom Trumper is one of the smartest kids in his high school. He may not be on the football team, or any team for that matter, if you got him mad enough he could definitely kick your ass. He may not look like the smart type with his baggy clothes, but he could win any argument.
Bill Kaulitz, on the other hand, doesn't enjoy school. He may show up, but only because there's nothing else to do. At the beginning of the year, he tried making friends, but because of his appearance not many people wanted to know him. He was the punk rock glam type.   
Tom was the new kid in school and was going to his first class: AP History.
"Class this is Tom, please make him feel welcomed"
Everyone in the class had goofy glasses with tape in between the lenses. They took one look at him and thought he didn't belong here. But they soon took back there thoughts when he answered every question right.  Tom was getting bored being right all the time and just wanted the class to
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The boys are just sitting around staring at the ceiling. This was their day off and it was unbelievable that they couldn't think of anything to do.
"IMMM BORED! Entertain me Georg"
"How am I supposed to do that?"
"You figure it out. Your supposed to be the smart one"
"What do you want me to do? Slap myself around for your amusement?"
"Wow! You read my mind"
Georg falls off the sofa laughing.
"That was uncalled for"
"Hey, you asked for entertainment"
"For ME! Not you!"
Georg continued to laugh but stopped when he got hit in the face with a pillow.  Now Bill was the one doubled over in amusement.
"Alright! Whose the wise guy?"
"Now that's entertainment"
"Ha ha very funny. So no one wants to step up, I see how it is"
"Fine Listing, maybe I did it"
"Oh what a shock. Of course it had to be you"
"I never said I did anything, I said `what IF` not a confession"
"Well, it wasn't Gustav and it couldn't have been Bill cuz I was looking at him, so that only leaves yo
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"Drunk Mother" (this ones with me just because of the last part) >.
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Irish Drinking Songs
Irish Drinking Song
Bill: I had a lobotomy
Gustav: and now I'm not so nuts
Georg: they took away half my brain
Tom: now I eat cigarette butts
Bill: I am not too bright
Gustav: now I'm kind of sane
Georg: I am really stupid
Tom: hey is that the rain?
Gustav: I used to go down on the street
Georg: I used to have a scar
Tom: now I ask for money
Bill: and I chase cars *barking*
Gustav: but when I come into your town
Georg: I like to shout a lot
Tom: I run around and scream a lot
Bill: wow this is hot
Georg: oh I feel much better
Tom: I think I'll go back home
Bill: and then after I'm finished
Gustav: I'll marry a lawn gnome
Georg: boy it'll be so beautiful
Tom: as happy as can be
Bill: because I don't care to much you see
Gustav: for my lobotomy!
Tom: I really need a job a now
Bill: I look in the paper
Gustav: but I could never find nothing
Georg: I have a scraper
Tom: but I'll
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scenes from a hat
Whose Li ne is it Anyway?
Tokio Hotel Style
With me as the host! ^.^ ON WITH THE SHOW!
Welcome to Whose line is it Anyway on our show we have "I should show off my assets more…" Bill Kaulitz! "I always have a good time with…" Georg Listing! "You should see the size of my…" Tom Kaulitz! And "Yea baby beat it just like that…" Gustav Schafer! And I'm your host Dizzi let's get to the funny!
This first game is called Scenes from a Hat. This for all four guys. In this game I got a little hat here and some suggestions from all you guys. Starting with …..
"Sergeant pick up lines"
Georg: *pulls Gustav out* BOY! You ever touched a rifle?
*Gustav shakes head*
Georg: want to?
Tom: *pulls everyone out* I just wanna stand here and stare at my privates!
"Disturbing things to hear someone yell out during sex"
Tom: #22!
"When a passionate kiss is completely out of line"
Bill: *walks over to Gustav...and….KISS* ^.-
"If you could fast forward in real life"
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Speak Up
My brother had been going out with this guy named Luis fir a while now. He came out of the closet and told me he was gay and I didn't have a problem with that. But I have a problem with it now. Luis is abusing him and I don't know how much longer I can keep my mouth shut. Every time I come to say something bad about Luis, Bill gets all defensive. I just want him to open his eyes to what's really going on.
Bill's been dating Luis for about 4 months now. At the start of their relationship, Luis was really a nice guy. Then at the third month, Bill started to stir in his sleep. I am a heavy sleeper so the only way I would have known this was because of our twin-ness. I went quietly into his room; he looked like he'd been crying. I crept to his bedside, as I went to pull the covers over here I noticed something. On his leg I saw something circular and blackish. I was afraid to touch it because he might wake up.
"Hey Bill, can I ask you something?"
"Sure Tom, what is it?"
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WLIIA idea
i had an idea...i love Whose Line is it Anyway and i thought it would be interesting to see our fav boys on the i thought we should have them on the show.
so anybody got any ideas for
Scenes from a Hat
Let's make a date identities
Press Conference
2 Line Vocab
and any other game they play
[too lazy to name them all right now]
let me know what you guys think
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Mature content
Twins vs. Twins :iconthgir:THGir 0 0
Twins vs Twins Banner by THGir Twins vs Twins Banner :iconthgir:THGir 1 0


CSS Dragon and Roses - Purple by jennyleigh CSS Dragon and Roses - Purple :iconjennyleigh:jennyleigh 999 92 home sweet home by vani27 home sweet home :iconvani27:vani27 50 18 Chipmunk Bill Kaulitz by jeni-stark Chipmunk Bill Kaulitz :iconjeni-stark:jeni-stark 66 46 Team Kaulitz by SingingShooter Team Kaulitz :iconsingingshooter:SingingShooter 54 24
Meine Kleine Heidi Kaulitz
"TOM!!!!!!!" screamed a voice that belonged to the one and only Bill Kaulitz. Bill was in his and his twin's room. He heard his brother Tom Kaulitz enter the room and said, "My water just broke! Get me to the fucking hospital quickly and when I say quickly, I mean NOW!"
"Oh schiesse," said Tom. "Ok get in the car while I go get your stuff." Bill nodded and went to the car as fast as his pregnant body allowed him to.
In the house Tom was trying to grab Bill's stuff as quickly as possible. Once he got everything, he ran down to his Cadillac Escalade and put Bill's stuff into the trunk. He jumped into the driver's spot and sped him and his brother to the hospital.
Once at the hospital, they were rushed into the maternity ward to wait until Bill was ready to give birth. Bill was going with the natural birth and if that did not work out so well he would have a C-Section.
Earlier in the pregnancy, Bill was told that male pregnancy was becoming more and more common. He was not
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Twincest2 by BillTokioHotel Twincest2 :iconbilltokiohotel:BillTokioHotel 10 2
Bill and Tom - You Belong With
Bill and Tom - You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift)
Shouting down the phone at my on/off girlfriend Anna I started to think to myself why am I even with her anyway any other guy would love to be in my situation on the football squad and dating the captain of the cheerleading team but she had no sense of humour I said something to her as a joke and she took it so seriously it was ridiculous I was tired and it was late and dark cutting her off I looked out my window and saw Bill still up I though to myself Bill was sort of like my secret friend we hung out together but never at school I noticed he was watching me he started writing something on a piece of paper and held it up he was wearing a baggy white t shirt with writing all over it and had his big goofy glasses on and pyjama bottoms it all made him look really young and innocent the geek obsessed with studying which he was he held up the sign
You oK?
He actually looked like he understood and even cared but bill had never had a girlfrie
:icontokiohotelfan104:tokiohotelfan104 8 5
-Twincest- Rescue Me -T+B-
Georg had sent me out to do the grocery shopping. He was the one who usually did it, but he’d put his foot down, and since there wasn’t any food in the house, I had eventually caved in to the nagging. It wasn’t that bad, actually. I quite liked it.
I was cruising through the vegetable section, ignoring the weird looks some people were giving me – after all, how many guys do you see with more eye makeup on than most of the women here? – when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around. Two men were standing behind me, staring at me.
“You’re that guy from that band, aren’t you?” the shorter of the two said. He was wearing a white baseball cap and a black t-shirt with black tracksuit bottoms.
I scrutinized him and then nodded once.
“It’s called Something Hotel, right?” the taller one said. This one was wearing a white jacket and dark jeans.
“Tokio Hotel,” I supplied.
“Yeah, that. My sister listens to yo
:iconlicks-ninjas:Licks-Ninjas 91 234
Tokio Hotel Oneshot-Hurt .1
It was a sunny morning at the Kaulitz twins apartment. Bill was sitting on his bed, scribbling random lyrics ,for a new song ,in his notebook. Tom was sitting in his room, with a dozen empty bottles of beer scattered across his bedroom floor.
" Oooooooo pretty colors" Tom mumbled, giggling like a little girl. He gulped down his drink, throwing the bottle on the floor. " 13" He hicupped. Tom got to his feet, the room was spinning which made Tom giggle like an idiot. He walked to Bills room, tripping over his own feet a couple times until he reached Bills door.
" Billi!" Tom squeeled running towards Bills bed. He hopped on Bills bed, cutley leaning his head on his twin brothers shoulder. " Watcha dooooooooin?" Tom slurred. " You're drunk" Bill mumbled, without tearing his eyes away from his note book. " Nooooooooooo" Tom hicupped. " Yeeeeeees" Bill said looking at Tom.
"Kiss me baby bro" Tom whispered leaning closer to Bill. Bill could smell the alcohol in Toms breath as Tom leaned close
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Twincest Button by BillTokioHotel Twincest Button :iconbilltokiohotel:BillTokioHotel 48 5



ELizabeth Alvarado
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The Road is broken
The Road is black
The Road is a dead end

There is light?

The Road...fixed?

Now white

It goes on?

Do i dare follow it?
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